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Tips for a close shave

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close up of man's face with shaving cream and razor
An author's blog is an unlikely place to get advice on shaving; nonetheless, that is where the inspiration for this post comes from. A friend of Neil Gaiman's suggested he try using hair conditioner on his beard before shaving. Lo and behold, a close shave!

Now, my husband has the potential to be a perpetual Fred Flintstone (Homer Simpson, character on Miami Vice, you get the point). He tried this trick out this morning and his face looked like a teenage boy's, sans acne. Smooth, hairless, amazing. I have never seen my husband look this clean-shaven, and he's tried just about everything.

Need some other tricks to try? If you use a face scrub before shaving, the exfoliating action opens the pores so you can get a closer shave. Common sense would also dictate that you use a sharp blade and shave slowly and carefully. You could even try a shaving brush, which is reputed to prepare the face in an exceptional way.

My one-day experience, though, tells me that you should never run out of hair conditioner.


  • mantic59

    Hair conditioner works well, as does a few drops of Corn Huskers Lotion massaged into a wet face just before you start shaving. There is nothing like a good traditional wetshave with a brush, lather cream or soap, and a single-blade safety razor. Shaving went from a painful chore to a pleasant diversion when I "went retro." I disagree about the face scrub though: a scrub combined with the closer shave you get with traditional products and techniques would probably give most people some irritation. Just hydrate your face really well with a good facial soap (or even a bit of the shave soap or cream you're about to shave with), rinse thoroughly with warm water, then start building the lather. Check out my YouTube "how to shave" channel at and the traditional shaving sub-culture at forums like and

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