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Living the DIY Life: April 19-26. 2008

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DIY Life Weekly Best logoDid you know that we have regular columns here at DIY Life? They run weekly, and each has a different focus. Our current schedule is:

But where are the rest of the columns, you ask -- and what about the best posts of the week? I have carefully hidden them after the break! Click on through to see plenty for your house, yard, and craftiness... as well as a link to the huge collection of eco-friendly posts we put together for Earth Day, 2008. It'll be fun for the whole family.

  • Thursday: Kelly Smith's Perpetual Remodeling Syndrome. What does DIY mean to you? If your answer is primarily, "Doing traditionally manly things around the homestead," this may be your favorite column. With characteristic good humor, Kelly tackles topics having to do with renovation and home maintenance. He discussed keeping track of your landscaping tools this week.
  • Friday: Avant Yard, by Diane Rixon, is our yard and gardening column. In it, you'll find solid information and fresh ideas for your green thumb. Avant Yard was all about keeping your wisteria in line this week.
  • On occasional Fridays, you'll also see Ian Lesnet's amazing electronic wizardry. Lately, he's been demonstrating how to build a digital recorder from simple parts.
  • Ryan McFarland's "Re-Crafted" series, in which he demonstrates how to remake old stuff into something new and interesting, also appears on Fridays, but is currently on hiatus.

If any of these topics is relevant to your interests, you'll know when and where to find fresh information about it, almost every week (assuming life doesn't deal a blow, like sickness or a broken computer, to a given column's author).

We have a lot of interesting posts outside of our weekly columns, too. Here are a few of this week's highlights....

Home and garden:


I, for one, welcome our new _______ overlords:


Our top three posts for this week were:

See you next Monday!


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