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Turn a onesie into a dress

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Children's dress made out of a onesieThere are tons of adorable clothing options available for little ones, especially for girls. But what if you get tired of cute?

You can buy some really unique handmade baby items out there from places like Etsy, or you could just do-it-yourself.

Lots of things can be done to personalize onesies. You can apply patches, embroidery, or appliques. You can even convert a onesie into a dress, using fabric you may not normally associate with baby clothing. Sugar skulls, corazones, skulls with bows, and many other not-of-the-norm choices are out there.

For this project, you'll only need a onesie, measuring tape, sewing machine, thread, fabric, elastic, and pins. You don't need much fabric, since it is only forming the skirt part of the dress, so this is an excellent way to use up larger remnants.

Be prepared for other moms to flock to you and your child, asking where on earth you got a dress like that. You can proudly respond, "I made it myself."


  • Francesca Clarke

    This is a great idea! Thanks for sharing it :-)

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