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Bacon tiara by The AntiCraft.The Summer (Beltane) 2008 issue of The AntiCraft hit the Internet this week, and this time, it's all about bacon. Yes, you read right. Bacon.

The AntiCraft has made a name for itself as a nifty, slightly edgy craft site, geared towards people who like the darker things in life. So what, then, can you expect from the bacon issue? Something different, that's for sure.

For one thing, there's much more food than usual: Baconhenge (it's exactly what it sounds like), a gingerbread house with bacon shingles on the roof, and several types of bacon-infused sweets. Only two or three items really qualify as crafts... an embroidered, bookmark-like "Bacon of Hate," and a knitted scarf that looks like it's made of bacon (but isn't).

Finally, there's the issue's most dangerous project, a tiara made of bacon; it's dangerous because a protein-bonding enzyme is used to fuse it together. (Humans? Also made of protein.) Any project requiring that much safety gear probably shouldn't be done outside of a lab. Still, overall, this issue is an interesting experiment... in deliciousness!



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