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Knitty's Tempest by Weaverknits.The sun is definitely peeking out from behind the clouds in my corner of the Midwest. All the flowering trees are in bloom, but it's still not quite warm... people within a few hours' drive of me woke up to a "white landscape" the other day. So it seems appropriate to me that Knitty's Spring Surprise, a few extra patterns to supplement the Spring issue, is made up of garments that will get you through a seasonal transition.

There are just two patterns in the Surprise, this time around: Froot Loop, a pair of socks by Kristi Geraci, and Tempest, a button-front sweater by Weaverknits.

Read more about them after the break.

Unlike many of Knitty's recent sock patterns, the Froot Loop socks don't feature unconventional construction, just a stitch pattern that makes a row of rings down the leg and foot. A project like this is convenient at any time of year; wool socks are fine around an air-conditioned house in the middle of summer, as long as you don't live in a subtropical climate. They're downright toasty in winter.

Tempest is also fairly straightforward and, I think, adaptable. It's technically a cardigan, but because it has a skin-tight fit, you probably won't be wearing another layer under it. The designer has spaced the buttons cleverly, to avoid gaps as much as possible, and has made the front larger than the back, to accommodate the bust.

This sweater pattern calls for two colors of a pretty lace-weight wool yarn, but if you're not into wearing horizontal stripes, you could easily make this in a solid color. It would also be simple to lengthen the sleeves, which are designed at 3/4-length. Want a looser fit all over? Make a larger size.

In summary, I think a lot of people will like these two patterns. My only real concern is that some people may not be able to finish Tempest (lace-weight yarn, mostly stockinette stitch, 5 stitches per inch) before it's too warm to wear it: I'm a slow knitter, and I know I wouldn't be able to. That's OK, though... it will be just as nice in September as it is now.



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