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Fabric flower cards

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Fabric flower cards
These simple homemade cards add a personal touch to any gift or greeting. In fact, packaging a variety of them in a box or simply tied with a ribbon makes a great gift in and of itself. You'll need the following materials:
  • Card stock. Soft pastels, cream, or even black work well.
  • Paper cutter. While scissors would work, a paper cutter helps you get a perfect edge.
  • Fabric. This a great project to use up scraps of fabric. You'll need a green for the foliage, yellow or orange for the center of the flowers, and a variety of colors for the petals. For added interest, opt for subtle tone-on-tone patterns or mottled fabrics; solid colors tend to look flat and lifeless on the cards.
  • Glue stick. Make sure to choose a glue stick that works with fabric and paper.
  • Fabric scissors. Sharp scissors with a fine point (such as scissors made for quilters) work best.
I'll discuss how to make your greeting cards bloom after the break. You can follow along step-by-step in the gallery.

Create fabric flower cards(click thumbnails to view gallery)

MaterialsCut our your cardsFold the cardsCutting the foliageCut the petals

To construct your fabric flower cards, follow these easy steps:

  • Cut your card stock to size. I use 8X11 sheets of paper and cut them in half with a paper cutter.
  • Fold your note cards. I use a ruler to smooth the fold so I have a neat, crisp fold in the paper.
    Before continuing to the next step, make sure the card fits into the envelopes you're planning to use. Make adjustments as necessary.
  • Cut out the foliage. You'll need a thin strip for the stem and three curved pieces for the leaves. Don't worry about measuring and don't try to cut them "just so." This is a project that turns out better when you let it be free-form. There's a time and a place for fussy cutting... this isn't it.
  • Cut out the petals. Cut out two heart-shaped pieces for the top and bottom of the iris. (What they call the standard and the fall in real-life irises.) Just as with the leaves, don't aim for perfection. If you cut perfectly shaped and symmetrical hearts, your cards will look a bit cartoonish. A free-form cut will give you a more natural look. You'll also need two elongated teardrop shapes for the sides of the flower.
  • Cut out the center of the flower. A small teardrop shape will form the center (or "beard") of the flower.
  • Glue on the foliage. Fully cover the back of the fabric with the glue stick. Place the stem first and then the three leaves. The leaves will likely hang over the edge of the card; don't worry about that -- we'll clean it up later. In fact, it's best if one or all of the leaves do extend beyond the edge; when trimmed it gives a more pleasing look.
  • Glue on the flower. First glue the top of the iris, then the bottom and sides. All pieces should meet up in the middle. Play with the angles and resist the temptation to place the flower dead center and straight. It's more interesting when the flowers dance in different angles. Finally, add the center of the flower on top of where the other pieces of fabric meet.
  • Trim the excess fabric from the edges of the card using fabric scissors.
You'll have fun making these quick and easy flower cards. With endless options for fabric and a unique shape every time, no two cards will look alike.


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