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cheese blintzPamper her this Mother's Day with a luxurious breakfast in bed. Older children can probably manage it on their own, but for most families dad will need to coordinate things. The three most important things to consider are the planning, preparation and presentation.


Take the time to plan a breakfast that you know she'll enjoy. She won't mind you trying something new, but if you're more comfortable, stick with recipes that you already know how to make. Buy all your ingredients ahead of time, but stash them away carefully so that she doesn't suspect her early morning treat.

Prepare as much as you can ahead of time; set your coffee maker on a timer, cut fruit, and pre-mix any batter that can sit overnight.

After the break I'll cover some suggestions for a delicious breakfast in bed:

First and foremost, consider her favorites. Strawberry waffles does her no good if she's really more of a toast and eggs kind of gal. You'll want recipes that look labor intensive, but are either easily prepared, or where much of the prep work can be done ahead of time.
  • Make up a batch of this almond raisin granola the day before. Pair it with some silky yogurt and an exotic fruit salad.
  • This baked artichoke fritatta is sure to impress her. It probably isn't something the kids would like, so I'm guessing it isn't part of her regular weekday breakfast run.
  • Take a page from a famous bed and breakfast recipe, and serve her these cranberry, white chocolate, and lemon muffins.
  • Even the most basic crepe can be a decedent treat. Top them with her favorite fruit.
  • Good old fashioned pancakes are always a popular breakfast. My husband likes to pour the batter to make our children's initials and other fun shapes. You could spell out "Happy mother's day" on her plate, or make a giant pancake heart for fun.
  • Don't pour her a cup of the same sludge you've been drinking all morning; take the time to make her a perfect cup of coffee. If you really want to spoil her, add a glass of champagne and orange juice (now there's something I wouldn't mind waking up to!)

Depending on your wife, getting up before her might not be an easy task. If you make an appearance after she's gone for a run, changed the children, fed them breakfast and done the dishes, your pampering plan might lose a little luster. If by chance this happens, the children can shoo her back to bed, but it's best to leave her sleeping as long as you can.

With effective planning, the preparation shouldn't be too difficult. Leave yourselves lots of time. Making breakfast together can be a great way to enjoy time with your children. Spend some time talking to them about why you're doing this for mom. You might even like to take pictures of the children preparing breakfast. She'll enjoy looking at the photos of her little ones covered in flour, having fun, and doing something special just for mom.


Take the time to present breakfast beautifully. Don't just slap the food on a plate. Arrange it carefully, presenting it the way you might see in a fancy restaurant. If you're feeling really motivated, learn the right way to drizzle strawberry sauce, and add interesting garnishes.

Once you've got the plate arranged, don't accompany it with your Costco size bottle of syrup; use small serving containers for all your condiments.

Use your fine china (you know, the stuff you got for your wedding and haven't used since you had children). A small vase with fresh flowers and a special note or card will tie things together nicely.

Finally, present your breakfast on a serving tray. If you're feeling particularly ambitious and have an extra day to prepare things, why not surprise her with a personalized serving tray? Lisa explains each step in this simple project where she turns an ordinary serving tray into a fabulous gift and a treasured memory.


This one wasn't included in the introduction. Maybe I didn't want to break the alliteration of planning, preparation and presentation, or maybe I was afraid of scaring you off at the thought of a thorough cleanup. Either way, it is as important (if not more) than the other steps.

Imagine how she would feel coming down from a delicious breakfast in bed, and finding dirty pans on the stove and a sink full of dishes.

She'll probably want you and the children to keep her company during breakfast. Don't shy away from this; instead, savor the time together while she enjoys your culinary creation. Just before she finishes breakfast, slip away and draw her a nice warm bath. For the perfect bath, add in a little luxury with scentual bath and body products. Dim the lights, light candles and turn on some music. Hang her robe in the bathroom, set out a big fluffy towel, and make yourself scarce!

Once she's in the bath, it's clean up time for you and the children. Make sure you take care of all the breakfast mess. It would also be nice if she doesn't trip over toys as she comes down the stairs, or pass scattered shoes in the hall on the way to the kitchen. So, don't confine your cleaning efforts to the kitchen; take some time to tidy the rest of the house too.

Even with careful planning, precise preparation, striking presentation, and thorough cleanup there are bound to be mishaps. Remember that things don't have to be perfect. Ultimately, it actually is the thought that counts.

If you have children at home, they should be involved (to the extent that they can), but this isn't a gift reserved for families. If your children are older and away from home, or if your wife is expecting your first, make this sweet indulgence a romantic time of appreciation or anticipation.


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