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vintage bath matBring a bit of vintage style into your bathroom with Julie Reed's crocheted bath rug. The doily pattern that she used is from 1918: authentic and classic. The full tutorial will give you everything you need to recreate this bath mat in your own home.

Julie doesn't just list supplies and steps, but walks us through what works and what doesn't, as she chooses the right yarn and tries to minimize the ruffled edge.

I love her color choice. The juniper and charcoal heather compliment each other beautifully. This is the kind of inspired piece you could build your whole bathroom around. After the break, I'll discuss some DIY ways to finish off your vintage style bathroom.

Many of us have older bathrooms, with older bath tile. If tacky 80's isn't the era you're going for, you can bring in your own style with Victor's painted bath tiles. This way, you get the customization you're looking for, a perfect color match, and an arts and crafts feel without paying top dollar and replacing your existing tile. If you're not into painting the tile yourself, choose a themed tattoo and change the look of your bathroom entirely.

Don't hide your beautiful accessories in a drawer. Let them double as art in your bathroom by displaying them in a unique and functional way. This bracelet tree made from an antique candle stick holder will add interest to any bathroom counter.

Scour garage sales and thrift stores for vintage bottles. Get as many as you can: the possibilities are endless. The bottles make great storage for soap, cotton balls, q-tips and any other odds and ends that need a home in your bathroom. Line them on your counter or display them on some rustic shelving.

Dated medicine cabinets can look just that -- dated. Instead of pulling out an old mirrored cabinet from yesteryear's decorating embarrassments, make your own antique style medicine cabinet. This gives you the ultimate authority to customize the style and tie it together with the rest of your bathroom decor.

Starting with an original crocheted bath mat, and adding all the complimentary touches, will put you right in vogue with the 1920s-inspired decorating trends that are growing so popular these days.



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