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How to spike a watermelon

Filed Under: food, entertaining

Earlier this week, Debra taught us how to remove seeds from a watermelon. Reading her post made me keen for summers on the patio, enjoying ripe, juicy watermelon.

Of course, as soon as my mind drifts to watermelon and summer evening on the patio, I'm immediately planning the rest of the moonlight treats, which simply must include spiked watermelon. I remember when we thought that spiking watermelon was a matter of setting chunks of it to soak in a bowl of vodka, but there is actually a right way to do this, and you'll really notice the difference.

This technique seems to the the most effective. Basically, you cut a small hole in the top of the watermelon, and pull out the plug. Next, take a skewer and poke it through the hold at various angles. This will help make passages for the alcohol to flow through (but really the watermelon has plenty of those naturally, so you should be ok). Funnel in about one cup of your favorite alcohol. I think vodka is great with watermelon, but over at Sweet Georgia Blue, they recommend bourbon, so you might like to experiment with it and decide for yourself. Once you've poured in the alcohol, replace the plug and put it in the fridge for a couple of hours.

Invite some friends over, slice the booze infused melon, and enjoy!



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