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If you've ever had the chance to play with a vibrating robot toy, you'll understand just how fun they can be. Most of the ones I've seen are of the wind-up variety, typically with long metal lets and rubber feet. They tend to be noisy, bouncy, and definitely unpredictable.

While I've played with various different versions of these wind-up toys for hours, I never really considered that I might be able to actually make one of my own. I certainly didn't think I could make one that is not only just as neat, but a significant upgrade.

Imagine my surprise when I happened across this article explaining how to make a battery-powered vibrating robot toy out of the head of a toothbrush! With the right supplies on hand (including an appropriate toothbrush, pager motor, and watch battery) this project can be completed in about five minutes.

It's really worth watching the video to see just what this little critter can do. I imagine it would enthrall my children, but even more fun would be to watch my uncle's cat go crazy trying to figure out just what this thing is!



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