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Get your frustrations out with a dammit doll

Filed Under: Crafts, sewing

Handmade dammit dollsWe all have those days, don't we? Days where nothing goes right and stress seems to pile up like football players diving for a ball. Well, here come dammit dolls to the rescue. This simple little project will help you get out some of your own frustrations. Plus, it makes a fun gift for anyone you know who may need to release some stress.

Craftbits has the low-down on making your own dammit dolls. You'll need:
  • Felt or calico
  • Wool or doll hair
  • Toy filling
  • Sewing machine
  • Felt pens
The dolls are simple to make -- just cut out two body shapes, sew them together (leaving a hole to put in the filling), stuff, and decorate as you wish. Craftbits also has several cute poems you can attach to the dammit dolls if you're giving them as a gift.



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