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fabric castle wall hanging
Sometimes I just can't help myself. I see a gorgeous fabric beckoning me from the remnants table and there is no way I can leave it there. I also buy extra material when doing a sewing project, mostly in case I mess up, but for all of those "just in cases" that speak to me as I am over-buying.

The result is an abundance of fabric at my house, usually about a yard or so of each pattern. Do you share my plight? If so, never fear; there are fabulous projects that require a yard or less of fabric. So make sure you have matching thread and get that machine ready for action!

For the kitchen / entertaining
  • Make a table runner. Here's an easy pattern you can follow if you have some material for backing and some fusible fleece or interfacing.
  • Create a placemat set. There are instructions to make matching placemats for your table runner, and it becomes more economical to make both when buying the other supplies you will need.
  • Fashion a set of cloth napkins. If you want to make them fancy, try this pattern for cloth napkins with a binding edge. They look very high-end.
  • Sew pockets into a strip of material and make a caddy to take along silverware for picnics.
  • This wine bottle cover uses just under a yard and makes a beautiful presentation of your gift of wine

One yard of fabric projects(click thumbnails to view gallery)

cloth napkins_051208table runner_051208covered bulletin board_051208covered chair_051208castle_051208

For the home

  • Cover a bulletin board. Add some ribbon and you'll have a designer look for a cheapo cork board price.
  • Make 2 window valances. Have a room that needs a perk-me-up? Many windows are 30 inches wide, so cut your material in half and you can make two tailored valances. Simply sew a seam along the bottom edge and the sides, then make a tube wide enough for the hardware to go through along the top. A new look for essentially free!
  • Sew a throw pillow cover or two. You can try a basic pillow cover or an easy knock-off designer pillow.
  • Make a set of eight matching fabric-covered padded hangers.
  • Cover the back of shelves. Using a hot glue gun, you can make a statement by attaching fabric to the back of shelves. You can either fold the fabric under to make a seam around the edges, or cut it exactly to size and glue ribbon trim around the edges to hide the rough edge of the fabric.
  • Create a wall hanging (use remnants and scraps too). The picture at the top of the post is a castle I made for my son's room by covering a lightweight wood with batting and fabric, then gluing on the details with scrap fabrics, felt, and trim.
  • Re-upholster an old dining chair seat. You'll need a staple gun, but if I can do this (and I have) then it must be simple. And no sewing is involved!
  • Recover a lamp shade. A little spray adhesive and your old lamp is a designer masterpiece.
  • Make a chair pad, with or without a ruffle.
  • Sew one end of your fabric into a pocket and and thread the other side under a couch cushion or mattress as a place to hold books or remotes.
  • A special gift can become memorable when gift-wrapped in a stunning fabric yardage. Add raffia or ribbon for a finishing touch.
  • Book covers can technically be made from fabric leftovers, but a matching set would really add to your home decor.

For the kids and babies
  • Make a superhero, wizard, or witch cape. I think we have one of these in every color imaginable.
  • Sew a stuffed animal. This dachshund is especially cute if you have some fur cloth to use up, but my favorite is this dog that will look precious in any material you choose. Yes, I am partial to dogs!
  • By cutting and sewing your fabric into a rectangle or triangle, you can create a flag for a child's fort or pirate ship. Glue your flag to a dowel and you've just made instant fun.
  • Keep those dollies warm by making a blanket just the right size for the pretend babies your babies love.
  • If you've got an overabundance of stuffed animals or dolls, sew a corner hammock for them and create space.
  • Hand puppets are easy to sew, and a yard of fabric will get you a whole family of bears, frogs, cats, or owls.
  • Make a drawstring treasure pouch.
  • You'll need at least two yards of material for a baby sling, but you can make a doll sling with less than a yard. Encourage baby wearing with the next generation!
  • Make an infant dress.

To wear or carry
  • Fashion a tote bag in just one hour.
  • Make a pair of boxer shorts.
  • You might have some spare denim to make a purse, but you could use any material to make this classy little number.
  • Sew a chef's hat. C'mon, you know you want one.
  • To make a sweet handkerchief to carry, use a 12-inch square piece of fabric. Sew a narrow seam around the edge or finish it off with lace trim.
  • To make your bandana less sweet, leave off the lace!
  • Spice up your wardrobe with various styles of belts, all made with less than a yard of fabric.
  • Surely you want some fabric bling for your laptop. Try making a laptop tote bag, with or without the groovy monogram.
  • If you don't want to sew one, this no-sew gardening apron will do the trick.
So, what will you do with your extra yardage?

  • M.E. Williams

    While there are many cute things here, I have to make that doggie like... last week. It's a neeeeeeeeeed. *squee*

    (Now I just need to find the time....)

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