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different patterns and colors of scrapbook paperIn this day and age, we are all thinking about ways to be more environmentally friendly. Our household tries to find ways to reuse things rather than throw them out. Cardboard paper towel tubes can become a fun rain stick craft, for example.

It seems there is nothing more bountiful than used paper. From junk mail to gift wrap, stationery to greeting cards, we are inundated with it daily. Don't let it leave you wondering what to do with all that post-tree fodder any longer.

Fish Lips Paper Designs has a fun and useful list of ways to reuse paper. From framing patterned paper as art, to making book covers, to lining your sock drawer, they're sure to have a tip that will breathe new life into your scrap paper. You can even shred it to use as packaging.

Me? I'm going to reuse some colorful gift wrap as mats for black and white photographs. What will you do with your reusable paper?


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