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Coca-cola macro image by Flickr user Marxalot.In this economy, there's no time like the present to look in the pantry and take stock of things, to distinguish between the must-haves and the fluff.

Things like tinned smoked oysters might not need to be replaced. The same goes for gourmet cookies. And that six pack of Coke? Who needs that, when there's perfectly good drinking water free from the tap? Or so I thought... until I began reading about the many wonders of Coke.

It turns out Coke is more than just a sweet drink that gives you a lift: it can be used for everything from creating a better curl to cleaning stubborn toilet stains. After the break, you'll find a few more clever uses for the carbonated drink....

  • Preventing slippery floors: In case you happen to be hosting a ballroom dancing party, simply mop the floor with a can of Coke, let it sit for a few minutes and then dance the night away. The stickiness might prove irksome to some, but the safety factor is definitely something to consider.
  • Jellyfish sting relief: On vacation, do you find your self tangled up with some meddlesome jellyfish, with no doctor available? Grab a can of Coke and pour it over the sting: relief should be forthcoming.
  • Curls without the frizz: For those of us with naturally curly hair, preventing the daily frizz can be a frustrating issue. It turns out pouring on a can of flat Coke before shampooing will result in perfectly separated curls.
  • A fabulous tan: One woman writes that she achieves a great, long-lasting tan by dousing her skin with a dose of Coke before basking in the sun.

I love the wide variety of uses that come from a single drink. Sure, Coke is packed with sugar, and not the best beverage to consume on a daily basis, but it has so many practical and wacky uses. I believe it's a keeper for the pantry.


  • jake18oly

    I always use Coke to clean off corrosion on a car battery. Sure Baking Soda works too but Coke is more fun to pour on your car.

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