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Eat healthy for under a dollar

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canned tomatoes, baby carrots, an apple, and a banana

Thought you had to spend a pretty penny to eat healthy? Sometimes it seems that way, with organic packaged food being all the rage these days. You know you are a creative do-it-yourself-er, or you wouldn't be reading this post, so I have faith that you can eat healthy without losing your shirt.

What we all may forget is that most healthy foods aren't found in the packaged foods section of the market. Instead, WebMD suggests that there are ten healthy foods you can purchase, each for under a dollar or close to it.

Some produce makes the list, like bananas and apples, while some canned and dry foods, like beans, tomatoes, and lentils round out the list. And let's not forget the yogurt!

What does this mean to you as a healthy DIYer?
  • You can save money and eat healthy foods.
  • It is easy to keep your pantry stocked with healthy foods.
  • Teaching your kids about healthy foods and being frugal is a snap.
  • Making dinners such as Greek Pasta with Tomatoes and White Beans can be second nature.
  • Compiling your own additions to the list of cheap, healthy foods is on your "to do" list. Here are some of mine: frozen organic spinach, fresh broccoli, kiwis, eggs ...



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