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gallon jug of Mosquito Barrier on lawnNothing ruins a cool summer evening like mosquitoes. Unless you're a bat, you take cover at the appearance of the annoying, buzzing villains.

Here at DIY Life, we've written a lot about how to banish mosquitoes. Tips like reducing standing water, not wasting your money on the Mosquito Magnet, eliminating mosquito hiding places, and wearing light-colored clothing have all been mentioned before.

This season, the mosquitoes arrived with a vengeance at my house, and even applying all of the tips didn't help the mosquitoes stay away. But something finally did....

We are thrilled with the results of trying Mosquito Barrier, an all-natural garlic oil spray. We haven't been bothered by mosquitoes since we did our first application, over a week ago now. Some other pluses:
  • It's easy to apply: just mix with water and spray onto your lawn every 3-4 weeks.
  • With only one gallon needed for the entire season (even less for most yards), it is very affordable at US$85.00 per gallon; check eBay for even better deals.
  • It won't harm the environment, or my kid, dog, or other wild animals that frequent my yard.
  • In addition to mosquitoes, the black flies have made themselves scarce.
  • We also haven't found a tick on the dog since we sprayed, and that is a small miracle in itself.
Does a mosquito-free zone sound appealing? We have celebrated our decision to get the Mosquito Barrier; it may work just as well for you.

  • Matt

    What about the garlic odor? One the website it said it goes away fast, is that true in real life?

  • Debbie

    Pretty accurate. I don't think the garlic scent lasted more than a half day or so at our house. And it wasn't an offensive garlic odor, it was more like roasted garlic, or garlic cooking.

  • BoB

    Wow, $85 a gallon is "very affordable"? That makes $4/gallon gasoline seem like the bargain of the century! This post seems less like a product trial and more like an infomercial, "Get yours now, for only 4 easy payments of $21.25"

  • Debbie

    HA! I guess if it sounds like an infomercial, I must have really liked it, eh? ;-) Maybe I should have said, "I am in no way affiliated with the company Mosquito Barrier, I am just a satisfied customer!"

    And here in New England, that price is extremely affordable compared to our other all-natural options, which are other types of treatments you can apply to your lawn yourself (about half the price) or having a professional service come do it (about 1/5 the price).

  • David

    Hi, I am associated with the product but in Canada.
    Affordable is correct as mentioned as the gallon will cover 5 acres.
    This is much more affordable than spraying with Malathion every week or even filling your propane tank a few times to run your 'Magnet'.

    Since our approval in Canada, Mosquito Barrier, a proudly made US product, we have experienced the same comments.

  • budgetmomma

    Hey David, I live in Ontario , and was wondering where the best (and cheapest) place to buy this product would be?

  • Hashim

    I have used lemon grass oil extract mixed with water. I spray in dark corners, behind sofas etc. It worked well too.

  • MAH

    why buy it if you can easily make it your self:
    water, neutral soap and miniral oil

    crush garlic and soak it in miniral oil for 24 hours, Use one soup spoon of oil ( after removing the garlic) with one spoon of neutral liquid soap and add 600 ml of water. Shake well and put in a sprayer and spay.
    I use this all the time.
    Good luck

  • kaynonna

    MAH, how often do you have to spray?

  • David

    Crushing garlic you buy from a store is one thing but the natural sulfurs in garlic can range from in strength from sweet to highly sulphurus up to 6 fold. The better the garlic tastes...the worse it is for insect control.

    Budget Momma check your local farm supply store, the rural retailers usually do not add the margins the specialty stores do.

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