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New life for old CDs

Filed Under: household hacks, miscellaneous, staying green

CD stock photo CDs and DVDs get scratched, and CD-Rs sometimes burn incorrectly and become useless, yet it seems so wasteful to just throw these shiny silver circles into the trash. You might try fixing them first, but if that doesn't work... what then? Surely something can be done with them, right?

Hints and Things has more than a few clever ideas. In fact, they have over 100 uses for CDs that are otherwise headed for the landfill. Some of my favorites include:
  • Greendisk, for recycling or for
  • Make a switch plate.
  • Use as a pooper scooper.
  • Create a "rear view mirror" on your computer.
  • When painting, use as an artist's palette.
  • Make place tags at a party.
  • Use as a stencil.
If you're feeling especially creative, you could also build a CD tower lamp. Finally, if you need a project for all those leftover CD cases as well, check out these ideas for creating wall art or a calendar out of them.



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