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Ginger ale: healthy and homemade

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glass of ginger aleThe state I live in manufactures one of the tastiest ginger ales ever. I've traveled around the US a lot and I have yet to find it anywhere else. It may have poor distribution elsewhere, but in my state it's a staple. Good thing, too. Every time I have a stomachache, I crave ginger ale over anything else.

It turns out that dispensing ginger ale as a treatment for stomachaches isn't an old wives' tale. Martha Edwards at That's Fit just posted about the many health benefits of ginger. Her post included a link to a recipe for ginger ale -- it's a great way to get that yummy taste without all the unpronounceable ingredients that most sodas have.

All you need is a cup of peeled and finely chopped ginger, water, sugar, club soda, lime juice, and lime wedges. Head on over to Simply Recipes for the details.



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