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gardening hand rake next to a dandelion

Not many people really like to weed, although I must admit that I am one of the few who finds it oddly relaxing. There is something about the instant gratification of pulling the weeds and seeing a fresh garden that is extremely satisfying.

Aside from visiting the gallery to to see my weeding in action, you can put these tips to work for you and discover how weeding can be a job you'll look forward to:
  • Use a hand rake. I like to use the rake in my right hand to loosen the roots of the weeds, then pull them out with my left. It really does make the weeding go twice as fast.
  • Weed early. The roots of the weeds will be less established and much easier to pull out. Just be careful not to weed your growing perennials, like I have been known to do!
  • Weed often. It won't seem like a monumental task if you pluck a few weeds here and there, as opposed to spending a marathon weeding session once a month. Your gardens will look better too.
  • Weed with a partner. If you can pull and a partner cleans up, it makes the job go faster, and you can gab with your companion.
  • Use gardening gloves to protect your hands... unless, of course, your partner is a three-year-old who hides them from you.
There are not many tasks that provide the instantaneous results of weeding, so dig in!

Weeding made easy(click thumbnails to view gallery)



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