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How to get junk food out of your life for good

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fast food by ebruli on FlickrSummer is almost here, the season of less-is-more clothing. If you, like me, spent the winter under heavy sweaters and drinking hot cocoa, you might be spending this spring trying to get yourself in shape for hot weather wear. One of the quickest ways to lose weight and improve nutrition is to drop the junk food. But that is often easier said than done.

Daily soda habits, fast food lunches, and chronic snacking in the late afternoon may have become ingrained habits, a part of your life that will require more than willpower to change. Most health experts agree that you can't eliminate a habit. Instead, you have to replace bad habits with new, healthier versions. Some advice on exactly how to do that, after the break.

That's why I love this post over at Dumb Little Man. It'll help you start taking the necessary steps to eliminating junk food from your life for good. For instance, in the case of soda, they recommend weaning yourself off of it slowly:
  • Switch from regular soda to diet for two weeks.
  • Trade in the diet soda for caffeine free diet for two weeks.
  • Substitute flavored water for the caffeine free diet. Drink for, you guessed it, two weeks.
  • Finally, enjoy plain water.
Obviously everybody and every body is different. But if cold turkey has never worked for you, these gradual life changes may just be your ticket to better health.


  • gaurav

    it's good to try to change hbbits of people

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