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Don't you just hate it when a hinge on a door or cabinet just won't stay put because the screw hole is stripped out? Sure, you can use a bigger or longer screw, but then it won't match. Frankly, that just looks tacky. But don't lose hope; here's a trick I use.

The first thing to do is remove the offending hardware. Next, dig one of your golf tees out of your golf bag. Apply some epoxy glue or wood glue on the pointy end and sides of the tee. Tap it in with a mallet or hammer as far as it'll go. After the glue is completely dry, use your coping saw to cut off any excess tee and sand as needed. Presto! New wood!

Now you can replace the hardware and it's as good as new - maybe better. The hole is too small for a tee? Use as many toothpicks as will fit in the hole. The ones with flat sides work best. The great thing about this hack is that it really doesn't have to be pretty; the hinge covers up your handiwork.

  • Dayid Alan

    Toothpicks are far cheapier, easier to come by, and perform the same duty.

  • Gary

    I agree with the comment about toothpicks ( I prefer matches). I used to work for a carpenter 20+ years ago and we used matches and wood glue to do the same thing. Also there is no need for a saw to cut them off since they break much easier than a golf tee.

  • Hashim

    I have tried using old pencils. I just ram it into the gaping hole and break off the end. It worked.

  • bruce

    If it's a minor problem, stuffing the hole with fine (000) steel wool can do the trick also.

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