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white tart burner with tealight candle

The power of scent is phenomenal. It is the sense most linked to memory, and without it, we'd only taste five flavors. Inhalation is one of the most effective ways to get a substance into the bloodstream. And certain smells can even alter our moods.

Knowing how effective essential oils can be at mood enhancement, it makes sense that we'd want to get the essential oils into our environment in the most effective ways possible.

Diffusing may very well be the best way, and this is simply dispersing the essential oils throughout a room so you can inhale them, either for enjoyment, medicinal purposes, or quite possibly even spiritual healing.

Got a tissue? Apply a drop or two of lemon and rosemary essential oils, tuck in into your car's driver's side air vent and you're diffusing a blend to help you concentrate while driving. Can't get much simpler than that! Since that won't really help you disperse aroma throughout an entire room, here are some ways that will:

  • Add several drops of essential oils to a bowl of steaming water, or place that bowl of water on your old-fashioned radiator.
  • Using a tart burner, fill the tart cup with water and add a few drops of essential oils to that. Keep an eye on this one, though, and make sure that all of the water doesn't burn off or it could be a safety hazard. Tart burners work just like the candle diffusers on the market, but are far less expensive.
  • I love lamp rings, and have used both the ceramic and metal versions. By placing the lamp ring with a few drops of essential oils on your light bulb and turning on the light, the heat from the warm light bulb will diffuse the oils. And they are cheap!
  • Room sprays can be effective, particularly if you are trying to clear the air of germs or are trying to neutralize offensive odors. Use 75-100 drops of your favorite essential oils per four fluid ounces of distilled water. Pour into a spray bottle and you've got instant aromatherapy.
  • Finally, if you are willing to shell out the big bucks, you can get a nebulizer diffuser, which disperses the smallest amount of essential oil in a time-release fashion.

If you don't need to diffuse the scent throughout a whole room, you have personal diffusion choices as well.
  • Aroma jewelry looks beautiful, and emanates scent from disposable pads hidden inside the pendants.
  • Make a "sniffy" to carry with you, in your pocket or purse, so you can have your favorite scent anytime you need it. Using a dram vial (or any size you like), add coarse sea salt to the vial and 10 drops of your essential oil blend. This is perfect for a concentration blend to sniff during tests or a relaxation blend for times of stress.
  • Use the tissue trick from your car, and instead shove it up your sleeve or in your purse, even tuck it into your bra.
  • A one-ounce spray bottle mister can be kept in your purse or bag and spritzed when needed. Use 15-25 drops of essential oils in one ounce of distilled water.
One of my favorite blends to diffuse, which is relaxing for mind and spirit, is 3 drops rose otto, 2 drops sandalwood and 1 drop frankincense. What is your favorite diffusing blend?


  • Stormwater

    One minor quibble: tart burners are a different experience than candle diffusers. The best diffusers are indeed worth the extra expense.

  • Maria

    Electric diffusers are my favorite way. Plus my toddler loves the glowing light.

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