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bead boardI love my bead board! I cannot imagine making jewelry without it. If you haven't invested -- and I use the term loosely, as bead boards are cheap! -- in a bead board yet, go for it. It will bring the ease of jewelry-making to a whole new level for you.

What features do I love about my bead board?
  • The flocked surface keeps the beads from rolling around too much.
  • I can create multi-strand necklaces due to the different grooves on the bead board.
  • Being able to make more than one bracelet at a time is a lifesaver, because as I am looking for beads to make one bracelet, I usually come up with another idea or two on the way. The five slots on the bracelet section lets me lay out the patterns for all of the ideas that inspire me. This is especially helpful when I am making gifts of my jewelry. It also works well for multi-strand bracelets.
  • There are enough separated sections for me to keep some beads at my fingertips, so when I know a pattern and want to lay out the whole necklace or bracelet before stringing, I can have the beads handy.
  • Those same sections allow me to lay out all of the components for earrings, clasps for necklaces and bracelets, and any crimping beads I may need.
  • Because the grooves are marked with measurements, I always know how long my necklaces and bracelets will be. This is important if you are trying to make your jewelry a standard length, or if you are making a custom fitting piece.
The bead board is an important tool if you are making jewelry as a hobbyist or as a professional. It will make everything easier.

Bead board features(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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  • drobertson

    Hi, Debra,

    You're absolutely right that a stringing board / beading board can make the difference between a smooth production & total madness!

    Rings & Things is another supplier of these, in case your readers want to comparison shop:

    Keep up the good work!


    at Rings and Things

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