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Mario Brothers Yoshi mosaic

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Super Mario buddy Yoshi in mosaic form, by Craftster's AnneandkitaThis awesome Yoshi mosaic, by Craftster user anneandkita, was made for a university lab that studies video games. What could be more appropriate for that location than one of the stars of the Mario Brothers franchise?

Unlike most of his equally-recognizable brethren, Yoshi doesn't come from the 1980s; he made his debut in 1993's Super Mario World. Since then, though, he's become one of Nintendo's most beloved characters.

The pixelated look of old-school, low-res video games lends itself nicely to crafting: recognizable depictions can be made with a series of modular squares in the right colors. Any medium that uses elements with an equal height and width will work, so there are some especially fun things done in cross stitch, single crochet, perler beads, and square mosaic tiles.

If you'd like to try something like this, please join me after the break for some mosaic-making links and tips.

Making a mosaic is as simple as sticking tiles (or other ceramic or glass elements) to a surface like a board or a cement tabletop, then adding grout to fill in the spaces between the tiles.

Beware: something like this is much more difficult than it looks, particularly when it isn't a free-form design. Start with a labeled drawing, work from the center, and check and double-check your progress. Expect the whole thing to take several days, between the time needed for laying out the mosaic itself, and the time it takes to dry and cure between steps.

Even if you're getting the right colors into the places where you want them, you'll still have to be careful to line the edges up to be as square as possible, so your mosaic doesn't look haphazard. There are tools to help, some of which (the tiny white plastic cross-shaped guides) can be seen in the photos on the second page of comments at Craftster.

On the other hand, because you're using square tiles to represent pixels, you really shouldn't need a glass nipper for a project like this. (Many online tutorials recommend them, but they're only necessary if you need to break tiles into other shapes.)

HGTV has covered mosaic projects many, many times. Two basic tutorials that use a process similar to that used to make the Yoshi mosaic are this mosaic wall hanging by Laurel True, and Laura Hesser's "mosaic tiled table makeover."

If you need more information, or would like to see a demonstration, Expert Village has a series of videos detailing techniques and tips for working with glass mosaic tiles like the ones used to make Yoshi.


  • FlaWiio

    Wonderful art... I love Yoshi!

  • Expert Village

    Hey, thank you so much for linking to Expert Village's series on mosaics in this post. That Yoshi mosaic is amazing! We also have a series on creating patterns for mosaics, which might be helpful for anyone attempting to make any more cool themed mosaics:

    Thanks again for featuring us in your post!

    - the Expert Village team

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