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sgae plant in a garden with a pink bud

For some of us, gardening is fun. I wish I had more time for it, because digging in the dirt, planting spectacular growing things, and watching them change over the seasons is so rewarding. Having a beautiful yard helps me enjoy being outside even more.

Sometimes there is close to no time, though, or you simply don't enjoy doing yard work. There are quick and easy things you can do to make your yard beautiful with minimal work. Some take less than five minutes, others a couple of hours, but each makes an important impact on the eye appeal of your yard.

If you have five minutes...
  • Buy a hanging plant -- or two, or three! -- and some brackets, and hang a plant by each entrance to your house. Petunias and begonias work well in sunny areas, impatiens if your doorways get less sun.
  • Weed a small garden you have been neglecting: instant gratification.
  • Stick a small garden flag at the entrance to your driveway or in the most prominent garden in your yard.
  • Purchase a planter already teeming with greens and blooms and stick it somewhere noticeable.

Quick ways to beautify your yard(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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If you have an hour...

  • Make a perennial planter. This should be a good sized pot of some sort to allow room for the roots of the perennials to expand. You'll also probably need to take a few minutes each season to split the plants so your planter doesn't get overcrowded, but since you can plant them elsewhere in your yard, this is a good time and money investment.
  • Plant a strawberry pot. You can be traditional and enjoy the fruit later in the summer, or you can plant herbs or flowers in the fun nooks of this pot.
  • Plant an herb garden. Most herbs yield pink and purple flowers, they scent your yard, and you can eat them.
  • Plant an assortment of lettuces. The colors and textures of the foliage make for a nice display and again, edible.
If you have several hours...
  • Purchase an iron or wooden bench for your yard, and two complimentary planters. Pick a varied selection of your favorite annuals -- richly colored flowers, ornamental grasses for height in the center, and trailing vines -- and fill those planters. Find the perfect spot: one that will make your yard attractive and also give you a tranquil reading area.
  • Put up a trellis and plant some gorgeous climbing vines.
  • Create a raised bed to showcase a special garden.
  • Plant a small rock garden. You can get rocks or stepping stones at your local garden center, and choose from this list of rock garden friendly perennials to plant around them.
What small project will you be doing in your yard this weekend?


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