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Create your own wedding bouquet

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wedding bouquet with green ribbon and peach rosesLet's face it: everything today is expensive. Where they really get you, though, is with anything wedding. You can always benefit financially from doing-it-yourself. You've probably thought about making and assembling your own wedding invitations and favors, but have you considered creating your own wedding bouquet?

Simple bouquets are more stylish these days, and that works in your favor. Some general tips for making your own wedding bouquet are at All Wedding Ideas and include:
  • coordinating colors and tones with the bride's and bridesmaids' dresses
  • making sure to have at least eight of the main flowers in your bouquet on hand
  • arranging starting with the largest main flowers and work out from the center
  • accentuating the finished floral arrangement with beads, tulle, ribbon, and lace

Wedding bouquet ideas(click thumbnails to view gallery)

mums bouquet_052808fall bouquet_052808red bouquet_052808hydrangea bouquet_052808bouquet sparkles_052808

Personally, I like bouquets that are even more simple than that. When I got married (ten years ago now!) I opted for a hand-tied bouquet of roses. Easy to make? Well, I didn't do mine myself but the instructions at JR Roses are very clear, and it should only take 30-60 minutes to make, so a dry run wouldn't be a major commitment.

If you aren't crazy about roses but like the look of a hand-tied bouquet, Favor Ideas give general directions for creating one with any type of flower. They suggest calla lilies or green mums for a different look.

Finally, if exotic is more your style, try your hand at making an extravagant orchid bouquet.

Your wedding day may be that much more memorable if you have put your own hard work into creating the beauty of your bouquet.

Choosing flowers can be overwhelming. Colors, types- there are many options and styles to go with. For help wading through, we've added this video to provide you with some tips:


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