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How to dice an onion

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red onion by Darwin Bell on Flickr
With the exception of dicing tomatoes, dicing onions has to be my least favorite kitchen chore. But onions add flavor to so many dishes, you can't really cook without them. Over at The Kitchn, though, there's an instructional video that promises to help people like me make easy work of dicing that onion into small, uniform pieces.

Interestingly, dicing onions is a little controversial. Many of the commenters over at Lifehacker (who pointed us to this video in the first place) thought that the technique featured in that video was all wrong. Many feared her "parallel cut," where she slices the onion horizontally before dicing, would lead to a lost fingertip or two. So if you're looking for a variety of onion-dicing techniques, be sure to scroll through the comments on that post.

One of the worst parts of dicing an onion, of course, is the tearing. (At 16, the worst part of my fast food job was not the humiliating brown, polyester uniform, but being put on onion dicing duty.) I use the old standby method of rinsing my onions underwater, but this can get a little sloppy. The Kitchn also has five tips to for cutting onions without tears, for those of you who want a happier onion-dicing experience.


  • Peter Shekel

    How can i get rid of onion smell?

  • Bethany Sanders

    Hey Peter, thanks for commenting! Click through the last link in the post for five tips on reducing the onion smell. I've also heard that if you core out the root end of the onion before slicing, that will help too, though I've never tried it.


  • Francesca Clarke

    I actually avoid cutting onions because it irritates my eyes so much. thanks for the tips!

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