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Make a marshmallow catapult

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Boy loading a marshmallow in a catapult
Last fall I took my son and his best friend to a pumpkin farm. In addition to getting lost in a corn maze, drinking cider, and picking out pumpkins, the boys had a great time in the gift shop. They found "marshmallow launchers" (simple blowguns made out of plastic piping -- breathe into one end and a mini marshmallow comes flying out the other).

You can imagine my son's delight when I found the plans for this pyramid catapult that shoots marshmallows. You'll need six garden stakes, a plastic cup, rubber bands, and a whole lot of marshmallows!

It's simple to construct. Just place three of the stakes in the shape of a triangle and secure with rubber bands. Then, use the remaining three stakes to make a pyramid. Make three holes in the rim of the plastic cup and loop rubber bands through the holes. Attach the loose ends of the rubber bands to the corners of the pyramid. Then get the marshmallows and prepare to launch! Check out the gallery for details.

Make a marshmallow catapult(click thumbnails to view gallery)

MaterialsCreate the baseSecure with rubber bandsCreate the pyramidMake holes in the cup


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