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A backyard shed
Are you replacing some rotten wood trim or about to trim out that new shed? Wait! You now have choices. Wood trim is great, but it requires routine maintenance to protect it from the elements. There are new materials on the market. You might want to take a look.

  • Fiber cement: The most recognizable brand name is Hardi and they have a huge market share. This stock comes already primed so that step is eliminated. You'll need a special circular saw blade to cut it. Although they claim you can nail it like wood, in my experience it laughs at finish nails. Pre-drill holes for best results.
  • Composite trim: This material is a blend of plastic resins and wood fiber. Not only is it weather resistant, it's cheaper than wood and holds paint better.
  • PVC plastic trim: Yes, PVC isn't just for pipes. You'll pay more for this option than you would for wood, but it will outlive you.

Give these modern building materials a shot. You'll be glad you did when your neighbor is once again replacing rotten fascia board while you're lounging by the pool.

  • Peter Shekel

    i dont agree with the use of alternative materials that dont properly evaporate after you use them, because they end up polluting the environment.

  • Chris

    I work a lot with Hardi panel, and it is a pretty nice looking material, but one suggestion. We have found that after a while exposed to the elements the layers of the board will start to separate, especially on edges that have been cut with a saw. We prime all cut edges to try to prevent this, and it seems to work quite well. There are other boards available now that we have been dabbling with, such as Maxi-Panel. We just tried out a similar material from Europe (I forget the name right now) that is harder and more scratch resistant, but you absolutely have to pre-drill before nailing, or else it will crack.

    Also, with Hardi panel and similar materials: I recommend wearing some sort of mask, because breathing this dust in all day long should not be anyone's idea of fun.

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