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cluster of brilliant pink roses in full bloom

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When I first became interested in essential oils and hydrosols, I have to admit I thought of rose as an "old lady" scent. Sure, I suppose it was beautiful, but to me, nothing dramatic or daring enough for the younger sect.

Then I smelled a true rosa damascena; first, a rose otto, then a hydrosol. I realized that my negative association with rose had nothing to do with what actual distilled rose products smelled like, and that fake rose scent and rosewater is not, not, not the same beast.

You need to own something rose; it is that simple. The balancing effect on your mood alone is reason enough. Unfortunately, the price of a rose otto or even a good rose absolute can be prohibitive for many. A rose hydrosol, however, is affordable, versatile, has a long shelf life, and is resplendent with the heady rose scent.

Hydrosols are the floral waters that are produced when plants are steam distilled to make essential oils. Some say that they have even more healing power than essential oils because they are more representative of the whole plant. Jeanne Rose even writes of hydrosols as the "real product of distillation."

So, now that you've decided to buy your rose hydrosol, what will you do with it?
  • Use rose hydrosol as an eyewash for conjunctivitis, pink eye or any eye irritations.
  • Rose is a wonderfully gentle and effective facial skin toner and will add moisture and revitalize skin.
  • Or, mix your facial masks with rose hydrosol instead of water as another way to get the wonderful benefits listed above.
  • Use to moisten your deodorant crystal.
  • Added to bath water, rose hydrosol relaxes and eases tension, and can be an aphrodisiac for a romantic bath.
  • Rose is mildly antiseptic and makes a good compress for sprains, strains and bruises.
  • One teaspoon added to your final hair rinse will keep your hair shiny and fragrant all day long.
  • There is some essential oil in the hydrosol naturally, and it will lightly scent your body when used as a spritzer.
  • For relaxation, romance, and balance, use rose hydrosol as a linen spray.
  • In a humidifier, rose hydrosol will cleanse the air, infuse it with scent, and create a balanced atmosphere.
  • Can you imagine how fragrant your wardrobe will be if you use rose hydrosol as an ironing spray?
  • Wipe countertops and bathroom surfaces with rose hydrosol to disinfect.
  • Use rose hydrosol in an aromatherapy burner -- either a tart burner or candle diffuser -- to disperse the rose scent throughout the room.
  • Make Old German Rose Water Sugar Cookies.
  • Suzanne Catty even suggests adding some rose hydrosol to champagne -- what a decadent beverage!
You will not regret your purchase of rose hydrosol, and every day you'll find new uses for the queen of hydrosols. What is your favorite way to use rose hydrosol?


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