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Troubleshoot your stove

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A gas range in the dark
Stoves ranges, both gas and electric, are reliable appliances generally. But like everything else, every now and then something goes amiss. If yours suddenly won't fire up, here's a few DIY things to try before calling the expensive service guy.

Gas burner DIY
If your gas range won't "flame on," (sorry, Fantastic Four, I couldn't resist), the first obvious step is to make sure it's getting gas. Turn it up and you should hear it hissing. If there's no gas, make sure it's getting electricity. Yes, gas stoves do have power.

Still no go? Use a small brush to clean the igniter and the pilot light hole.

Electric stove DIY

Make sure the electric stove is getting power. Next ask yourself, "Did I recently clean it?" If you reply in the affirmative, you might not have seated the element terminals properly when you reinstalled it. Check it out by lifting the stove top. Also, ensure that you didn't knock the terminal block out of the holder.

If you have an "aha" moment, set everything in order and you're good to go. Bon appetit!


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