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Frames make picture perfect gifts

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black frame with nuts and washers glued to itI have always loved giving photographs as gifts. In my young and single days, I'd elegantly frame my own photographs of landscapes, flowers, or architecture. Now, people get pictures of my kid. He's pretty cute, so it works out on all fronts, but I think the gift is most appreciated when the photograph comes with a classy frame, made by you.

Every Dad needs pictures of his kids at the office, right? For this cute "Dad" frame, all you need is some oaktag or poster board, scissors and glue. The holes in the letters D-A-D frame photos of your kids -- cute! Martha Stewart has a similar project with a template for the D-A-D.

A rustic photo frame made from twigs can go with just about any decor, from country to modern. Using twigs, twine and a little glue, you can make one is a few short minutes. You could frame your child, but this type of frame would also look nice around a woodland landscape that is somehow meaningful to the recipient.

This acetate photo frame is a good choice for kids to make, especially if they are at the age where those lacing cards are still fun. You simply use two pieces of plastic with holes punched in them, insert the photo, then sew the two pieces together with colorful yarn. Make this one into a magnet or Christmas tree ornament.

Does your recipient love cars? Make this car nut frame and insert a picture of your kid driving one of his ride-on toys are playing with her matchbox cars. Using a plain wooden frame available at ant craft store, paint it black (or the color of your choice) and glue on nuts and washers. Very kitschy, in a good way.

If you've got a little builder in your house, he or she might enjoy making this Lego picture frame. The only requirement is that you make the hole fit for a picture; otherwise, let imaginations run wild.

For those adorable -- yet later embarrassing -- bathtime pictures, this frame made with puzzle pieces and clear craft gems (to resemble bubbles) is quite fitting. A little blue paint and glue finish this frame off with ease.

Is your recipient an audiophile or movie buff? Then he might appreciate this recycled CD / DVD photo frame, with a homemade dough stand. Choose a photo that works in the round and you've got a unique and thoughtful gift.

Maybe you want to give a photo gift to someone who loves puzzles. Using old puzzle pieces that you have painted and embellished with personalized doo-dads, assemble to craft sticks with a little hot glue and your giftable frame is complete.

How does your Dad feel about a day at the racetrack? Kids can help create this racecar photo frame from an unfinished wooden frame, paints, and foam shapes.

Anyone love fishing? To make a fish picture frame, you'll need an unfinished wooden fish and wooden block from a craft store, paint, 3D paint, a large googly eye, and scissors, glue, and brushes.

If you are gifting Dad or someone else with a photograph this year, consider creating your own frame. It will make the gift a special life-long keepsake.


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