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Another great feature is the properties editor. Component or connection properties can be configured in one place. These features were previously scattered over dozens of menus and icons.

Eagle3D 1.05 compatibility

Like a Firefox upgrade, it's important that all your favorite Eagle add-ons are compatible with the new version. For me, that's the ultra-cool 3D rendering script, Eagle3D. The 3D renderings that accompany my projects are made with Eagle3D 1.05, but I'll also test a new 1.1 beta version with Eagle 5.

First, I installed Eagle3D 1.05 in the same folder as Eagle 5 (C:\Program Files\EAGLE-5.0.0\Eagle3D). I also installed POVray (try MacMegaPOV for Mac) to render the files created by Eagle3D. If you're not familiar with how to use Eagle3D, or run .ulp files with Eagle, see the Eagle3D documentation and this illustrated tutorial.

I loaded a circuit board file and rendered it using the Eagle3D .ulp file intended for Eagle version 4.1. It worked normally, and generated a POVray compatible file.

New users often run into this error when rendering the their first Eagle3D .pov file with POVray:
Parse Error: Cannot open include file
File: C:\ ... - MSP430 voice recorder - vc.pov Line: 117
Parse Warning: Check that the file is in a directory specified with a +L switch or 'Library_Path=' .INI item.

This means that POVray can't find the Eagle3D component libraries. You need to add Eagle3D to the POVray search path:
  1. Open POVray and make sure you have a .pov file open.
  2. Go to tools->edit master povray.ini. Povray.ini opens in a text editor.
  3. Add the path to your Eagle3D files at the very bottom of povray.ini. This is the folder where Eagle3D was installed earlier. I added this line to the end of my poyray.ini, but use your own install location: Library_Path="C:\Program Files\EAGLE-5.0.0\Eagle3D\povray"
My board rendered perfectly after this minor configuration change.
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Eagle 5 and Eagle3D(click thumbnails to view gallery)

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