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frame for patio slab

When you're planning a patio, carport, outside storage shed, or a standing porch cover, the first thing you need to consider is your concrete slab.

The challenge of pouring a concrete slab yourself is not too big -- with the proper planning. Because this is a DIY project, your concrete slab cost is bearable; the cost can just be added to your home equity. This article will provide instructions for building a form, pouring, and finishing a concrete slab.

When you're in the planning mode, you need to consider any plumbing and electrical conduit that will be incorporated in the slab. Failure to prepare for these concerns will mean the concrete slab will have to be trenched and patched.

Trenching and patching is a tedious and expensive process not to be reckoned with! The key is to make sure everything is properly planned and laid out before any wet concrete graces the work site. The trick, if you're dealing with anything sophisticated, is to use a well thought-out sketch, or a permit-approved blueprint if your municipality requires it.

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  • Frank Townend

    Very good article Kelly, thanks. The article helps homeowners who may think this is a job 'too big to tackle' understand it may well be something within their reach. Perhaps other things to consider are adding coloring to the concrete mix or using a surface texturing system.

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