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beer from around the world on flickr, by tanakawhoIf you have a family, you're probably in a state of constant chaos, and romancing your man might not rank high on your list of things to do. You've spent hours coordinating your children, and helping them make monogrammed cuff links and hand print crafts. They'll present these to Daddy first thing Sunday morning, and you'll all enjoy a family day, celebrating Dad.

When the day comes to a close, and the kids are tucked in, don't retire to your separate laptops... instead, turn up the heat, and spend a little time letting him know how appreciated he is. This isn't about modeling sexy lingerie (though I'm sure that would be a welcomed surprise!) or buying him expensive concert tickets. It's Father's Day, so spend some time reflecting on the wonderful ways that he contributes to the family, and thanking him for being such a great parenting partner.

So, what does a dad find romantic? I surveyed some of the men in my life, and it turns out they are pretty easy to please. So many dads are busy balancing work and family that all they really want is a little break.

After the jump, I'll share some husband-certified ways to spoil him this Father's Day.

Let him be a kid again

Let him play, and join in the fun yourself: playing together is a great way to relax and reconnect. If he loves street hockey, get out there and take some shots on him. If he's a video game guy, rent a few and play together. You're on his turf, so let him be the expert. He'll enjoy teaching you, and some friendly competition is sure to turn up the heat.

Take care of a tedious "to-do"

A to-do list can be daunting, and you can't save him from it in its entirety. What you can do is take care of some of the really tedious tasks. You know -- the ones that stay on the list for ages, and haunt you, but somehow keep getting skipped over or pushed aside? If he's been meaning to get an oil change, hem his pants, or fix the latch on the gate, but just hasn't gotten around to it, do it for him. Imagine how relieved he'll feel to learn that you've taken a few things off his plate, lightening his load and freeing up his time.

Go for a drive

Surprise him with his dream car. No, he doesn't get to trade in the functional family car completely, but rent his dream car for an hour and let him take it for a spin. Let down your hair and take a ride together, or sneak out and have his everyday car detailed at the auto spa.

Have a movie night

At my house, we tend to rent movies that we'll both enjoy. The result: movies that aren't of all that much interest to either of us. Trying to please two drastically different tastes ends up leaving us both unsatisfied. This Father's Day evening, surprise him with a movie that he'll love. Choose a flick that he's been dying to see, or one of his all-time favorites. Bethany has some great movie suggestions, and as she advises, vow to watch it without complaint or sarcastic commentary.

Breakfast in bed

Make him breakfast in bed. Don't make him a fancy foreign dish if you know that what he really loves is a big plate of good old-fashioned pancakes. My husband suggests skipping the breakfast in bed, and making a midnight snack in bed instead. Settle him in bed with a good book or magazine; bring him a frosty glass of his favorite beer, and some sinful snacks.

Step out of the chaos

Bedtime can be hectic. Let Dad bow out for the night. Bedtime is a family affair at our house. We love this time together, but the truth is, sometimes it would be nice to sit downstairs and skip out on the chaos. Do everything yourself, then call Dad when it's time for stories and cuddles.

Fireside beer tasting

For the beer lover: acquire some new and interesting brews, then host a private fireside tasting for him. Collect some new flavors from your local micro-brewery, and pair it with a few imports he's never seen before. Do your homework, and make sure you serve each at the recommended temperature. If you really want to spoil him, finish off the tasting with a gift certificate to a beer of the month club.

Just last month, we discussed 4 romantic ways to spoil her for Mother's Day. If your husband would appreciate a mix-tape, a more traditional fireside picnic, or a memory journal, borrow one of those ideas. You'll also find some suggestions for the ever-famous coupon book.

One of the guys I surveyed suggested watching the '94 playoffs' together. I guess what we can take out of this is that every Dad has his own idea of a break. The key here is to think about the man in your life, and find a personalized, romantic way to say 'Thank You.'


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