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Make a daisy chain

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Daisy chain, by Flickr's masochismtango.

I have a secret: I've made elaborate crowns of silk flowers, but I've never in my life successfully made a real daisy chain, or understood how they were constructed. Do you tie the stems into loops? Cut the stems? Where do you cut the stem, and how? What connects them? I've clearly been missing out on all the summer fun.

Over at Bella Dia, recently, Cassi wrote a dual tutorial: it both teaches you how to make a daisy chain, and how to write a good online craft tutorial. All you need to make the chain is a number of flowers with strong stems, and your fingernails or something sharp: split the stems, and slide the stem of the next flower on the chain through the split. If I had known it was this easy, I would have been making them for years!

Incidentally, all of the instructions Cassi gives for writing a tutorial are things that the other writers and I try to do here at DIY Life (although I don't personally like to list the amount of time a project will take; I find that's variable based on who's doing the project, and think that it's best to try to work out the probable timing for yourself as you read the instructions).

If you use Cassi's suggestions to write a tutorial of your own, why not let us know about it in the comments?



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