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Bandana creativity

Filed Under: Crafts, sewing, gifts

purple bandana tote bagBandanas: they may keep the sweat off your forehead and look darned cute around your dog's neck, but they can actually be useful with a little creativity.

Anna has posted about bandana projects before, including no-sew window valances, toddler clothing, and pillows. If you are looking for a few more creative projects that use bandanas, here are some that might interest you:

Using two bandanas and some fabric scissors, you can create a bandana tote bag that requires no sewing.

Some canvas strapping and four bandanas are all you need to sew this star-spangled bandana tote.

If you can fold a bandana, then you can make this unique bandana visor.

Ten bandanas, some denim scrap fabric, eyelet lace, and two yards more fabric will get you a bandana baby blanket, something not every baby on the block will be sporting.

Bella Online has more ideas for bandana sewing projects: another tote, small appliance covers, and a ragdoll bear or kitty, just to name a few.

With all of these bandana ideas, you've got to have a favorite project that you are going to start working on -- this very minute. Which is your favorite?


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