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girl in dorm room
Are you heading off to college in the fall? The dorms are a great place to live. It's been a few years since I was there, but I'm still in touch with many of my college friends. I'll never forget the late-night Euchre games, parties, reluctant study sessions, and (unfortunately) the complete lack of space.

Even though dorm rooms are usually off-white, bland spaces roughly the size of a shoe box, you can still make them your own. In addition to posters, photographs, and other wall art, decorate your room with items that do double-duty by looking great and serving a purpose.

Storage and other multi-use items are important for your dorm room. You're not limited to milk crates "borrowed" from a local restaurant (not that I know anyone who did that... ahem). I'll share some fun, decorative, and useful dorm room ideas after the break.

  • Make fabric storage boxes to match your room -- they look great on a closet shelf or sitting next to your desk.
  • Sew over-sized pillows in your choice of fabric. If you're using bunk beds, position the beds against a wall and place the pillows along the length of the bed to make an instant couch. They also make great floor pillows.
  • Build a loft and customize it with a bookshelf, drawers, or other storage space on one end. Be sure to check with your university to see what rules and restrictions they have about lofts.
  • Make a ribbon board -- it's just as useful as a regular bulletin board and far more attractive.
  • Paint some inexpensive wooden clothespins. You can put a magnet on the back and stick them on your fridge or hang ribbon or wire along the wall as a place to clip the clothespins -- either way they're useful for hanging notes, reminders about upcoming assignments, photos, or ticket stubs from that awesome concert you just went to.
  • Make use of every square inch of space by crafting a corner shelf.
  • When I lived in the dorms, our closets didn't have doors -- they were just ugly, open spaces. Buy an inexpensive, expandable shower curtain rod and cover the space with a fabric curtain -- but maximize the curtain by sewing in pockets for extra storage.
Want some more help decorating your dorm? Check out Heather's post about designing your room online. And if you're opting for an apartment instead of a dorm room, Bethany has some tips for you.


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    Hi Maggie,
    You don't have to be a math major to know that sometimes you
    need a little "Dorm Room Division!"

    Thought you might want to check out a product I designed for my
    daughter when she went away to college. . .

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    Peggy Bentley, Memphis - yes, Graceland

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