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Remove carpet indentations

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white indented carpetEvery time I move a piece of furniture, my carpet is left with indentations that I am not sure how to remove, especially if it happens to be a large piece of furniture. I try to fluff the carpet, but combing the area with my fingers or vacuuming doesn't always help.

When it comes time to move my heavy entertainment center, I will be left with a carpet indent that will have me shaking my head wondering how to fix it. Combing the carpet with my fingers sure won't work for that enormous piece of wood, but I bet using a steam iron or ice would work to remove the carpet dents.

The Frugal Life posted a question from Debbie, who asked how to remove carpet indents. The responses to her question varied, but the majority of answers were to (A) either use an ice cube on the dent, (B) wet a towel and use a steam iron to "iron" out the indents, or (C) use a blow dryer and a comb or brush to make the carpet appear new again.

I have tried the comb and brush method, and it doesn't work all that well for me. Using a hot iron with a wet towel makes the most sense to me, so I'll have to give that one a try. I will try the ice cube method too, but only on small indents. I don't want to be stuck with a gigantic indent in my carpet when I move that monstrous entertainment center, so feel free to leave a comment and tell me your best method for removing carpet indentations.

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  • Peter Shekel

    I heard once that if you turn the carpet and put something heavy on a certain place, the indentations slowly disappear and the carpet returns to its original status.

    I didn't try it my self.

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