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Skinny necktie Father's Day cake

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Nothing says Happy Father's Day like a new tie, right? You can surprise the special dad in your life by presenting him with an artistically created necktie cake. A skinny necktie cake is a lot more fun to bake, frost, and embellish than shopping for the perfect tie. Everyone will enjoy this necktie -- with a little dip of ice cream -- and there will be no sense of disappointment from Dad.

MailJust4me provides simple Father's Day projects, including directions for making a necktie cake. I took liberties with their pan recommendations and used two 9 x4 bread pans. When thinking of a design, I checked out some Armani ties to see what's new.

What you need:

  • 2 9x4 baked cakes or 1 large rectangular cake cut lengthwise in half
  • white frosting
  • food coloring
  • ziplock bag
  • scissors
  • M & M's or other candy
  • Large tray or platter to hold finished cake
Check out the gallery to see how my cake turned out, then follow me through the break for the decorating instructions.

TieCake(click thumbnails to view gallery)

Tie CakeTie CakeTie CakeTie CakeTie Cake

What you do:

1. Bake the cake(s).

2. Place one rectangular piece on the waxed paper or foil.

3. Cut a trapezoid shape from the second cake piece, and place it at the top for the knot.

4. Cut the end of the long cake piece in a "V" shape for the end of the tie.

5. Mix the food coloring with the icing for the "tie" color.

6. Mix another color, and place it in the corner of a ziplock bag. Snip off the end of the corner for a piping bag

7. Use the piping bag to decorate the cake.

8. Add M&M's or candies to the top, and more piping, if desired.

9. Refrigerate the cake for 30 minutes.

10. Transfer the cake to prepared plate or tray. Just for fun, I cut up a man's shirt I had purchased at Goodwill and covered the large baking sheet with it, taping it underneath to hold it in place. The cake was placed on waxed paper.

Give Dad this delicious necktie to show your appreciation for all he does for you!


  • pooja

    Father’s Day festival gives us the perfect opportunity to express gratitude to our Daddy for all his unconditional love and affection. It’s an occasion to make your father feel that you owe your progress and prosperity to him; you appreciate and acknowledge his selfless contribution in your life.

  • mmleer

    It's always a good thing to show those we love, how much we really do love them.

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