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two Alka-Seltzer tablets fizzing in blue liquidIt sure comes in handy when the heartburn hits, but Alka-Seltzer is not just for tummies. If you've got a household problem, chances are that you can solve it with a little fizzing tablet.

Alka-Seltzer can clean things? You bet.

In the kitchen, you can use Alka-Seltzer to clean out your coffee maker, get the residue out of a vase, clean glass cookware, and unclog a drain.

Is your jewelry dulled? Put Alka-Seltzer to work -- that is, when it's not cleaning your toilets! Rely on the fizz to remove residue, buildup, and stuck-on goo.

Why does this work? Because Alka-Seltzer is baking soda (very alkaline) mixed with citric acid and aspirin (acidic), it creates a chemical reaction. That's why it fizzes, but why does it clean so well?

We know that baking soda is an effective all-purpose cleaner, but did you know that citric acid is the main ingredient in many household cleaners? It stands to reason that with these two powerhouse ingredients, Alka-Seltzer has rightfully earned its reputation as a cleaner... not just an antacid.



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