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New Knitty: Summer, 2008

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Summer is almost officially here -- at least in the Northern Hemisphere -- so it's fitting that the Summer 2008 issue of the free online knitting magazine Knitty hit the Web yesterday afternoon.

This time around, the majority of the patterns are small or lightweight things appropriate for warm-weather wear; not many of them will sit on your lap like a blanket while you work on them. Along with a few garments, there are many accessories -- even a knit lace garter for weddings.

We'll discuss a few of the best patterns and technical articles after the break.

Most of the garment patterns in this edition are for layering pieces: a tank top, a shoulder wrap in a basic Shetland lace stitch, and two cardigans. Inverness is a heavily-textured cotton-blend sweater with a round neck and mid-length sleeves, while Gigi has a "modern kimono" shape, with a deep V-neck and short, loose sleeves. Finally, there's a pretty, lacy sweater-dress for babies, Helena.

The remaining patterns are all small pieces. Some of the standouts are Ziggy, a pair of socks made with the stranded knitting technique and self-striping Noro Kureyon Sock yarn; Chevette, a delicate flowered choker; Seascape, an airy lace wrap; Eloping, the aforementioned lace garter; and BYOB, yet another shopping tote, but one with fresh, well-considered design details that make it worth a look and your time.

Knitty also has technical articles, and there were a few that I found instructive and interesting this time around. Carrie Griffin teaches us how to dye plant fibers like linen and cotton with cold-water "fiber-reactive" dyes for brilliant color, while Jenna Wilson discusses the ins and outs of resizing a pattern when motifs are involved.

Finally, Techniques with Theresa, a long-running column, demonstrates proper darning technique (you know, so you can repair those hand-knit socks instead of throwing them out when they get holes in the heels, or under the ball of your foot).

All in all, this issue seems to have a little something for everyone.



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