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Make a mouth organ out of old markers

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marker mouth organIf your house is anything like mine, you have a handy supply of markers lying everywhere except the nice, neat basket you supplied your child with for marker storage. If you're similarly overrun with markers, has a fun new use them. You can use the cases to make a mouth organ (or pan flute if you prefer).

You'll need at least eight markers, two straight sticks, sturdy string, and an exacto knife.

Open up the markers and empty out the ink cartridge. Replace the cap on the end of the marker. On one end, use the exacto knife to cut off a bit of the end. Cut each subsequent marker about 7mm shorter. Then, attach the markers to the sticks using the sturdy string. There's a step-by-step video on Have fun making music with markers!


  • Joe Harley

    or just buy one

  • Joe Harley

    or just buy one

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