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ship in a lightbulb

Crazy me! I actually thought that throwing away a burned out light bulb was the thing to do. Apparently not. HackNMod lists eight ways to use light bulbs, and none of them involve a trash can.

After you learn how to clean out the inside of a burned out light bulb, you'll be ready to embark on a number of unusual projects. For instance, you can make an oil lamp. Never would have thought of this one, but all you need is the light bulb, a shoe lace, a bottle cap, two magnets, and a washer. Of course you'll need the oil, some sand, and a few tools to put it all together, but it is a simple project that seems like it would be fun. There is even another way to make it.

If that project isn't inspiring you to save your burned out light bulbs, maybe you'd like to make an aquarium for your fighting fish or a laser nightlight.

Check in with HackNMod for all of the projects, but feel good in knowing that you'll give a whole new meaning to 'reuse' if you create one of these old light bulb projects.



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