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public bathroomMizPee is a public toilet finder. If you're out, and need a bathroom, just search MizPee for the closest one. You'll be able to find reviews, and choose the cleanest one, depending on how urgently you need it.

The listings will also let you know if the venue requires you to make a purchase. This way you won't end up doing the pee-dance while standing in line for a coffee you don't even want, just so that you can use their bathroom. Alternatively, if you are craving that mocha, look in their deal section, because that same coffee shop just might have a discount.

As a fun little extra, check out their toilet trivia. So far, I've learned that the average person spends three years of their life on the toilet! The current trivia asks which stall is the cleanest choice. My vote goes with the one furthest from the door, but we'll see if I'm right come Monday when the answer is posted.

I haven't quite decided if this is kind of cool, or totally ridiculous. What's your verdict?

[via:Dumb Little Man]



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