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Recycle a leather belt

Filed Under: Crafts, staying green, gifts

leather braceletMy husband has a collection of leather belts that sit in his dresser drawer. He wears one belt until it's falling apart and basically useless before he uses another one. Throwing them away seems like a waste -- after all, there are still some usable pieces of leather that could be repurposed into something new-to-you.

Fungus amungus over on Instructables recycles leather belts into bracelets. Fungus uses a laser cutter to make a design on the leather to give it a new look, and then hammers in some heavy-duty snaps, so that the bracelet can snap on the wrist.

I like the leather bracelet idea, as it sure beats throwing away a belt just because a part of it is worn out. I imagine there are other things to make from old belts, such as replacement purse straps, or maybe even leather earrings. What do you recycle your leather belts into?



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