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Taking a nap

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Boston Globe nap infographicIn a world of larks, I have the misfortune of being an extreme owl; if it were really true that the early bird catches the worm, I would probably have starved a long time ago. So on days when I have to get up at the crack of dawn, I usually find myself needing a nap... even if I've had a full night's sleep.

With the recent news that a 20-minute nap appears to help people stay alert for the rest of the day better than caffeine or extra sleep at night, it seems I'm not alone. So it stands to reason that an article that was in the Boston Globe this week, "How to nap," has been making the blog rounds for the last few days -- it explains all the most vital information on the topic in a small, visually-appealing package.

For example, it tells us that there are certain lengths of time that are better for napping than others; morning people (the aforementioned larks) will probably need a nap earlier than night people might; a light blanket and an eye shade can be extremely helpful in getting the most restful sleep, and so on.

While the Boston Globe article lays out all the basic details you should know about napping in a handy info-graphic format, you may also be interested to read a similar great post that Francesca wrote here last year: Power Napping Made Simple.

[via both BoingBoing and Lifehacker.]



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