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LEGO digital designer

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The LEGO digital designer
Sometimes it seems that we never grow up. Or, to put it more correctly, some toys -- er, motor skills and cognitive ability development tools -- are destined to be played with -- er, used -- by all ages! Case in point: LEGOs!

Don't you just hate it when you're building your current masterpiece and lacking one crucial piece? You've got to buy a whole new set, just for one stinkin' pièce de résistance. But no more! The new LEGO digital designer lets you create a virtual sculpture and submit it on-line. Then you can order exactly the pieces that you need, based on your submission.

The program can be downloaded for both Windows and Mac. Besides the usual requirements, it only needs a decent graphics card (for obvious reasons).

Finally, a way to build whatever you want without accumulating all those extraneous pieces... like that goofy little hat that no self-respecting firetruck-driving LEGO troll would be caught dead in!

[via Lifehacker.]



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