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Wedding emergency kits for the bride and groom

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wedding by babasteve on FlickrChances are, despite careful planning and attention to detail, there will be something that doesn't go exactly as planned at a wedding. Weddings are human events, and we humans are known for making mistakes.

At my own wedding, the photographer was nearly an hour late and my veil got stuck in my mom's bracelet after I hugged her during the ceremony, leading to a five-minute pause to detangle ourselves. Neither one derailed my day or diminished my joy, but as a bride-to-be, it's hard to remember that in the stressful days leading up to the big day.

You can help your bride-to-be or groom-to-be relax by gifting them with a wedding day emergency kit. Just knowing that someone else has the small stuff covered will give them a little breathing room to focus on the bigger picture.

After the break, I'll share a few ideas for what to put into the kits.

A bride's kit might include things like:
  • extra panty hose
  • mints
  • bobby pins
  • smelling salts
  • important phone numbers
  • cash (including change for parking meters, etc)
  • umbrella
  • white chalk (to cover stains on a white dress)
  • iron
  • clear nail polish
A groom's kit could include:
  • a sewing kit
  • extra black socks
  • extra cuff links
  • antacids
  • driver's license
  • snacks
  • spot remover
  • extra shirt buttons
The best gift a friend, family, or members of the wedding party can give is a relaxed, fun-filled day for the bride and groom. These DIY emergency kits will definitely help them feel more prepared for the little emergencies that are sure to happen.



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