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magnet on moneyAs a matter of convenience, I don't always carry a purse. In the event I have to run an errand or go somewhere where all I need is some cash, my driver's license, and maybe my check card, I'll forgo the bulky bag and just put essential items in my pockets, clasped together with a money clip.

I didn't know that I could make the magnetic strip on my check card unreadable if I also put my cell phone in the same pocket. Rather than put everything in different pockets, I always keep them together, but now I want to keep them separated with a magnetic money clip made by Scott Amron.

For a mere $12, you can purchase a pre-made magnetic money clip, or for $9, Scott will send the materials for you to assemble your own money clip. The kit contains two circular steel plates, sealer, and a thin neodymium disc magnet.

While I think that the kit is a great way for those who have no time or patience to make their own magnetic money clip, I am sure that DIY'ers will want to gather the materials to make the easily crafted clip themselves, me included. The clip would also make a great gift!

[via: Boing Boing]


  • Ray Hui

    yeah but, they must have figured out the best size and strength if they are selling a kit. $9 is worth the research and development

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